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Building the right SaaS product starts with knowing who your customers are.

Product Customers

Figuring that out can be tricky, though. What makes someone a customer involves a combination of things that aren’t always easy to see:

How do customers find your product? What marketing channel is bringing you the most leads?

Are customers actually using your product? Which features are they using? What are they ignoring?

How do individual customers contribute to your revenue? What’s their LTV? What plan are they on?

Because these things are caught up in silos, unless you can afford a massive team to comb through the data, you’re often stuck guessing about where to go next.

And that guessing leads to investment in building the wrong features and chasing the wrong market.

You’ve probably heard the phrase “you don’t know what you don’t measure” before. And it’s true. If you can’t back up what you’re doing with data, frustrating as it may be: you need to change your path.

But where do you start? The first question to ask is “what features are customers actually using in our product?” To get that answer, you have to start by observing what they’re actually using at the product-level:

JS VideoUploader.js

import Hypothesis from '@hypothesisapp/js';

const hypothesis = new Hypothesis('public_1605cf41c1dff9d3143efbde01cc5908');

export default ({ producerId }) => {
  const handleUpload = () => {
    hypothesis.track('Uploaded a video');

  return (
    <form onSubmit={handleUpload}>


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Behavior Goals

Leverage Behavior Goals in Hypothesis to track what features customers are using to focus your efforts and avoid dead-ends.

As clarity at the product-level takes shape, identify who and what to target in your marketing.


Send hyper-targeted email broadcasts to your customers to boost engagement for your product, showcase your most-popular features, or highlight features that could use a bit more recognition.

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As customer engagement boosts and more data comes in, start to identify who your ideal customers are.

Customer Feed

See your entire relationship with a customer in one, easy-to-browse feed. Everything organized from day one.

Send direct messages and keep notes to keep customers engaged and deliver the best experience possible.

Detailed profiles help you keep track of customers to build better relationships and identify customer patterns.


And as your customer base grows, support and engage with them to keep growth steady and churn low.


Stay on top of customer support, sales, and marketing emails and do qualitative research in one, easy-to-use team inbox.

With a focused product, focused marketing, and target customer watch your leads and revenue grow.

Capture Form

Set up Capture Forms to embed in your website and Capture URLs to share in social profiles to attract new leads.

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Lead Notification
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Revenue Stats

Connect your Stripe account and watch for changes and growth in conversions and revenue. Keep an eye on churn and recover from product and marketing flubs faster.


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